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Property of the Month: A Tranquil Residence in an Upscale Neighborhood

Living in the city means being a stone’s throw away from a myriad of entertainment options. It means finding yourself at the center of social get-togethers and community gatherings. It means encountering a variety of diverse personalities on a daily basis. Simply put, living in the city means being right at the heart of a culture, a witness to its electric energy. A typical downside to it, however, is not having a tranquil residence to unwind after a long day.

In this 96 sqm condominium in One Rockwell Center, Makati City, those who aspire to experience life in the city while occupying a quiet and comfortable home can finally achieve this balance. It features two-bedrooms, a spacious living room, and a majestic view of both Makati’s skyline and Rockwell Center’s plush streets.

A spacious and vibrant living room welcomes guests into the unit, which features cushion wall designs in a medley of colors. Also featured in this living room are a pair of comfortable couches that are perfect for hanging out and a dining area fit for four with modern white chairs.

This well-fit kitchen under the stairs features the necessary appliances one would need, sufficient cupboards to ensure order, and a bar with seats that serve as a refreshing alternative venue for catching up with family and friends.

Absent of any inessential clutter, this bathroom’s trademark is its simplicity.

Spacious cabinets, a work table, and a cozy bed are the highlights of this bedroom, which also features a sliding window that allows a view of Rockwell from the second floor.

This bedroom is a sanctuary of rest, be it at night when one can enjoy the cushion mattress or read a book while leaning on the soft headboard, or in the morning, when the vibrance of day seeps into the room. It also features a small balcony.

This home permits undistracted unwinding after a long day, an accurate reflection of living in Rockwell. What sets this neighborhood apart from the rest are its uncrowded streets, upscale lifestyle, and disciplined community. It’s a sought-after address because residents get to reside in a quieter, more laid-back area of Makati City, while still remaining nearby the city’s business districts.

For the busy executive, the newly married couple, or the young family, this enticing home is a retreat from a long and tiring day, where they can rest comfortably and in style.

Photos by Anj Cabilan

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