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Robinsons Land: Passion for Transformation and Solution

We often marvel on structures that boast in size, distinct designs, and overall splendor. From creative concepts and blueprints to the actual construction, buildings that arise never fail to birth amusement and praises in our hearts. The skyrocketing real estate industry continues to grow as old and new developments secure their standing.

Committed to providing innovative and outstanding structures that make the lives of Filipinos better is Robinsons Land Corporation (RLC). Everything they build, they make sure that it impacts everyone positively and significantly; they build to provide solutions. They commit to transforming every property to high-quality developments that create superior value for customers and shareholders.

The real estate arm of the JG Summit Holdings, Inc., Robinsons Land Corporation is one of the Philippines’ leading real estate companies. It is involved in the development and operation of shopping malls and hotels. True to their mission, RLC is dedicated to developing vibrant, delightful, and lasting live-work-play environments by building master-planned residential, commercial, office developments in key cities and urban areas nationwide.

As a product of the consistent passion for continuously providing convenience to Filipinos, RLC also promotes public service through the Robinsons Mall Lingkod Pinoy Center (RMLPC). Anyone can go to Robinsons Malls where government agencies such as NBI, SSS, GSIS, PhilHealth, Pagibig, DFA, LTO, LRA, and DOT have satellite offices.

RLC was incorporated in June 1980 and had its Initial Public Offering (IPO) in October 1989. In 2013, it was acknowledged as the overall best-managed company in the Philippines by Euromoney’s Best Managed and Governed Companies Asia Poll outperforming the other 207 nominated Asian companies.

RLC owns and manages 37 malls, 33 housing subdivisions, 62 residential condominiums, 11 hotels, and 10 corporate buildings. As of April 2014, it has a market capitalization of $2.070 billion. It is led by the country’s 3rd richest man, John Gokongwei.

Recently, RLC won the much-coveted Best Residential High-Rise Development award at the 2015 Asia Pacific Property Awards held in Malaysia for Sapphire Bloc, a four-tower residential project developed by Robinsons Residences, a trusted residential brand under the corporation.

Some of Robinsons Land Corporation properties are as follows:

  • Sonata Private Residences
robinsons sonata
Source: robinsonsproperties.com
  • Signa Designer Residences
robinsons signa
Source: robinsonsproperties.com
robinsons magnolia
Source: hoppler.com.ph
  • Radiance Manila Bay
robinsons radiance
Source: robinsonsproperties.com
robinsons trion towers
Source: hoppler.com.ph
  • East of Galleria
robinsons east of galleria
Source: hoppler.com.ph
robinsons gateway regency
Source: robinsonsproperties.com
robinsons the fort
Source: hoppler.com.ph
robinsons mckinley park
Source: hoppler.com.ph
robinsons fifth avenue
Source: hoppler.com.ph
  • Axis Residences
robinsons axis
Source: robinsonsproperties.com
  • Acacia Escalades
robinsons acacia
Source: robinsonsproperties.com
robinsons escalades south metro
Source: robinsonsproperties.com

Robinsons Land Corporation is now a permanent name in the real estate industry. Its determination to succeed and to help sustain livelihood for thousands of Filipino families set it apart from other developers. True to their promise “Your Dreams, Our Foundation”, they never fail to deliver structures that represent every Filipino’s dreams.

If you wish to rent or buy Robinsons Land properties, you may contact Hoppler in-house brokers to assist you!

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