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Twin Oaks Place : Homes Built Ahead of Time

You’ve left the house and suddenly remembered that you’ve forgotten something important. The aircon was left on and the main door was never locked. You’re only a few blocks to the office so rushing back home isn’t an option. Has this ever happened to you? Well, this unfortunate situation is will soon be a thing of the past with “smart” homes sprouting in the metro.

Perfectly situated at the center of Greenfield District is a home built ahead of its time. Imagine a home where you can see and control appliances, doors and other parts of the house without being actually in it. Office tasks accomplished from inside its walls and chores finished even when you’re away. Get to experience all the technological advancements found in the first future-ready home at Twin Oaks Place.

Twin Oaks Place is Greenfields Development Corporation’s flagship project in the high end residential condominium market. This future-ready “smart” home is fitted with state-of-the-art fiber-optic and wireless technology that allows all digital appliances to talk to each other and lets you be the master.

At Twin Oaks Place, control is literally at your fingertips. An actual key in order to open one’s door is no longer required because all units boast of password-protected locks — each front door is fitted with a “keypad” where you simply punch in your password to lock and unlock your home. You can also enter the building and your unit using your phone or iPhone as your key.

Another great thing about living in Twin Oaks Place is you can control your home even when you’re away. With Twin Oaks Place’s Smart Home System, a mere push of the button on your mobile phone or computer does the trick. You can adjust the thermostat to set the temperature to your liking. No need to worry if you’ve forgotten to shut down appliances before you left for work, the Mobile Remote Control feature can do that for you. You can even control your curtains, as well as your tv and audio system with the complimentary Cisco IP phone.

Located in a flood-free zone, Twin Oaks Place is just a five-minute drive away from important places such as private schools, churches, hospitals, banks and the Mandaluyong Police Station and Fire Department. It is also near several favorite spots such as shopping malls, hotels, recreational areas, golf courses and country clubs.

Here are some of Twin Oaks Place’s units that are ready for occupancy:

1-BR Condo for Rent

Studio Condo for Rent

1-BR Condo for Rent

The future of the connected home is continuing to evolve and people are really taking notice. The modern times call for more efficient living and these future-ready homes undeniably hold the promise to make life simpler and more convenient for their owner.

If you’re looking for condo units that are innovative and “smart”, contact us and we’ll help you pick one at Twin Oaks Place.

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