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Weekly Picks: 10 Best-Styled Homes for Sale in Makati

Whether you are looking for a classic, modern, or edgy abode, these condos with great interiors and furnishing can attract every urbanite in the city.

1. Tropical-inspired urban haven in the center of the city’s commercial and business district.

condominium-sale-rs1761181-212457Location: Signa Designer Residences
Price: ?5.55M
Floor Area: 39.67 m2

2. A two-bedroom elegant and sophisticated london-inspired flat.

condominium-sale-rs1589381-578873Location: The Gramercy Residences
Price: ?10.64M
Floor Area: 76 m2

3. Colorful contemporary place to work and live full time.

condo-sale-rs0366981-436691Location: Raffles Residences
Price: ?23.5M
Floor Area: 81 m2

4. Warm and cozy modern home with open-plan layout in Rockwell.

condo-sale-rs1438481-187997Location: One Rockwell
Price: ?19.8M
Floor Area: 91 m2

5. Light-filled classic styled condo with a hint of modern Chinese revival.

condo-sale-rs0444681-711453Location: The Gramercy Residences
Price: ?12M
Floor Area: 90 m2

6. Comic-geek inspired home in with limited edition collectibles.

11271-rs0313581-1719Location: The Columns Ayala
Price: ?7M
Floor Area: 47 m2

7. Jetsetter hotel-inspired home in Makati.

condominium-sale-rs1847081-453196 Location: One Rockwell
Price: ?8.93M
Floor Area: 48 m2

8. Energy efficient and well-lighted eclectic family home.

condo-sale-rs1165281-723138Location: Joya Lofts and Towers
Price: ?30M
Flor Area: 150 m2

9. Magnificent city skyline views in a modular modern loft.

condo-sale-rs0863981-444721Location: One Rockwell
Price: ?12.7M
Floor Area:71 m2

10. Luxurious four-bedroom penthouse suited for an owner’s high taste.

condo-sale-rs0366781-996932Location: The Shang Grand Tower
Price: ?113M
Floor Area: 483 m2

Which one is your favourite? Discover more properties you can own in your city.

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