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Weekly Picks: Condo Units with Outstanding Contemporary Interiors

The interior design of a home can contribute greatly to its function. When seamlessly adorned with gorgeous yet utterly functional pieces, a well-designed home can provide undisturbed rest and privacy. Thus, from the number of chairs, the color of the walls, the size of a couch to the style of the window blinds, all items and their roles in the overall design and functionality of a house must match your needs. Here is a list of condo units with outstanding contemporary interiors that enhance function.

  1. Elegance is apparent in this contemporary home.


1-BR, 110 sqm Condo for Sale at The Sapphire Bloc, Ortigas Center, Pasig

  1. Laid-back and uncluttered, it serves as a retreat for people who need time off.


3-BR, 284 sqm Condo for Sale at The St. Francis Shangri-La Place, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong

  1. The overall neutral tone displays a traditional appearance and radiates familiar warmth.


2-BR, 100 sqm Condo for Rent at Joya Lofts and Towers, Rockwell Center, Makati

  1. Modernity and comfort fill the spaces of this unit to guarantee aesthetics and function.


1-BR, 38 sqm Condo for Rent at One Rockwell, Rockwell Center, Makati

  1. Every piece of accent and functional furniture in this spacious home is outstanding and gorgeous.


2-BR, 110 sqm Condo for Rent at Park Terraces, Makati, San Lorenzo

Do you want to live in one of these properties? Contact us at (02) 826 1872 and (02) 826 1322. To browse other properties, visit our website.

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