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Weekly Picks: Condos You Can Rent Below 25K Around Metro Manila

Finally decided to look for an apartment near your workplace or school? This list could be useful for independent young professionals and students.

  1. The comfortable seating makes it a renters favorite.

    wp-condominium-rent-rr1461681-157543Location: The Capital Towers, Quezon City
    Price:?22K /month
    Floor Area: 1 Bedroom, 25 sqm

  2. Have your own quiet space in the middle of the crowded Bonifacio Global City.

    wp-condo-rent-rr0556381-563432Location: The Trion Towers , Taguig
    Price: ?25K /month
    Floor Area: 1 Bedroom, 38 sqm

  3. The open layout creates an easy transition from living room to bedroom.

    wp-33216-rr1329181-1495Location: Avida Towers San Lazaro, Sampaloc Manila
    Price: ?17K /month
    Floor Area: 1 Bedroom, 22 sqm

  4. A bright and spacious bare studio that can be both a workplace and a home.

    ws-condominium-rent-rr1409581-486615Location: Icon Plaza, BGC Taguig
    Price: ?25K /month
    Floor Area: Studio, 36 sqm

  5. This condo is strategically located between the parks and shopping malls.

    wp-condominium-rent-rr1470181-932212Location: Greenbelt Radissons, Makati City
    Price: ?25K /month
    Floor Area: Studio, 34 sqm

  6. This is the only compact studio unit in Makati with a designated reading nook.

    wp-condominium-rent-rr1461281-562544Location: Joya Lofts and Towers, Makati City
    Price: ?25K /month
    Floor Area: Studio, 24 sqm

  7. Scandinavian-inspired apartment ready to be occupied by a young pro.

    wp-condominium-rent-rr1407581-863852Location: Jazz Residences, Makati City
    Price: ?22K /month
    Floor Area: 1 Bedroom, 27 sqm

  8. The red and orange accents warm up this rental in Taguig.

    ws-condominium-rent-rr1399581-695288Location: Cedar Crest, Taguig
    Price: ?20K /month
    Floor Area: 2 Bedroom, 71 sqm

  9. This studio apartment in Ortigas looks personalized for a freelance writer.

    wp-condominium-rent-rr1346581-829287Location: The Grove by Rockwell , Pasig City
    Price: 25K /month
    Floor Area: Studio, 32 sqm

  10. The teal and white color palette of this condo radiates 50’s vibe.

    wp-condo-rent-rr1096681-257974Location: South of Market Private Residences, Taguig
    Price: ?24K /month
    Floor Area: Studio, 38 sqm

If you plan to move to a new home, you may browse our condos for rent for options.

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