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Weekly Picks: Deluxe Kitchens for Affluent Families

While we extensively use our kitchen daily, we often do not pay much attention to how it looks. It is enough for us to see it clean and know that it is functioning; however, a gorgeous kitchen contributes to our desire to prepare and cook food – and that is a health benefit. Here is a list of some of the homes in Makati City that are both stunning and functional.

  1. The white cabinets, shelves, and the patterned wall tiles create an unhurried vibe that is preferable when cooking.


3-BR, 270 sqm Condo for Rent at The Ritz Towers, Urdaneta, Makati

  1. State of the art and delightful to the eyes, this kitchen is attractive and functional.


2-BR, 110 sqm Condo for Rent at Park Terraces, San Lorenzo, Makati

  1. This roomy kitchen encourages cooking to be a kind of family bonding.


4-BR, 650 sqm Condo for Rent in Dasmarinas Village, Makati

  1. As one of the two kitchens in the house, its sleek style reveals modernity.


6-BR, 900 sqm House and Lot for Rent in Magallanes, Makati

  1. The black granite kitchen countertop enhances elegance.


3-BR, 250 sqm House and Lot for Rent in San Lorenzo Village, Makati

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