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Weekly Picks: Hacks to Maximizing Space in Studio Condominiums

The notions of being too small and too tight haunt people’s perceptions of studio condominiums. Because of the limited space, clutter seemingly piles up much faster in a studio and adequate organization seems like an impossible feat. At times, coming up with some sort of design seems unlikely and may even be a burden. Thankfully, there are ways to organize studios to maximize space without it being too complicated. Take a look at these hacks that throw in creativity and style into the mix to produce stunning studios.

  1. Make use of movable, multi-function pieces as furniture and utilize a sofa bed.

24 sqm Studio-type Condominium for Rent in Eton Tower, Legazpi Village, Makati.

2. Hang lights instead of using numerous lamps to save floor space. They also help create a clear cut distinction between each area of the studio.

44 sqm Studio-type 
Condominium for Sale in Park Terraces, San Lorenzo, Makati.

3. Adding tall wooden shelves help serve as a divider for your studio into different areas while doubling as a storage space for your items.

44 sqm Studio-type Condominium for Rent in Park Terraces, San Lorenzo, Makati.

4. Get creative with storage and use boxes to organize items and place them under the bed or in other areas of the studio.

42 sqm Studio-type Condominium for Rent in Greenbelt Parkplace, Legazpi Village, Makati.

5. Take advantage of window seats and install hidden cabinets to add storage space.

76 sqm Studio-type Condominium for Sale at Two Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

6. Put a couch at the foot of the bed to create a simple division between the sleeping area and living area.

33 sqm Studio-type Condominium for Sale in The Asia Tower, Legaspi Village, Makati.

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