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Weekly Picks: Houses in Makati with Neat and Serene Living Areas

A lovely and neat home that welcomes us after a long day is our reward to ourselves and to the people we love. If you live in a city, you understand how hectic the modern lifestyle can be. In Makati, we often see people rush to the nearest transport stations and cars fill every busy street. This city never seems to sleep that is why it is beneficial to have a home where you can relax, watch your favorite movies, or read a book after an activity-filled day; more so, you need a living room that can provide you the rest and privacy you need. Here is a list of some of the homes in Makati that have an uncluttered and serene living area.

  1. Despite its traditional appeal, this penthouse provides a familiar warmth that eases.


3-BR, 596.58 sqm Condo for Sale at Pet Plans Tower, Guadalupe Viejo, Makati

  1.  Neutral colors fill every space to heighten the laid-back vibe of this unit.


3-BR, 142 sqm Condo for Sale at The Milano Residences, Poblacion, Makati

  1. This uncluttered home houses accent and functional pieces to elevate the modern lifestyle.


3-BR, 150 sqm Condo for Sale at Joya Lofts and Towers, Rockwell Center, Makati

  1. The view of the city’s skyline is perfect after a long day and in the confines of this retreat is where you can bask in the grandeur of life in the city minus the overwhelming activities.


2-BR, 123 sqm Condo for Sale at Alphaland Makati Place, Bel-Air, Makati

  1. Grand and welcoming, this home is suitable for a big family that values privacy and comfort.


7-BR, 900 sqm House and Lot for Sale at Poblacion, Makati

Do you want to live in one of these properties? Contact us at (02) 826 1872 and (02) 826 1322. To browse other properties, visit our website.




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