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Weekly Picks: Modern Houses Where Rest Is at Hand

Everyone who has a fast-paced and modern lifestyle understands that it can be difficult to get enough rest and enjoy privacy; our schedules are filled with countless activities that require our time and energy. There is no doubt that houses in a city provide spaces where we can take a break and just rest. Here is a list of homes that guarantee rest no matter what lifestyle we enjoy.

  1. Nothing beats a home that is attractive and peaceful, and offers unmatched comfort.


3-BR, 205 sqm Townhouse for Sale in Acacia Estate, Taguig

  1. Afforded with the right accent and functional furniture pieces, this house can surely complement a modern lifestyle.


4-BR, 450 sqm House and Lot for Sale in Bambang, Taguig

  1. This palatial home is fit for a big family that wants to enjoy a convenient life despite being away from the tiring activities of city life.


8-BR, 1500 sqm House and Lot for Sale in Carmona, Cavite

  1. Contemporary and private, this unit is a perfect companion for people who prefer a modern yet private lifestyle.


1-BR, 38 sqm Condo for Sale at The Knightsbridge, Poblacion, Makati

  1. This retreat is a reminder that rest is always at hand even in a dynamic city.


2-BR, 59 sqm Condo for Sale at The Knightsbridge, Poblacion, Makati

Do you want to live in one of these properties? Contact us at (02) 826 1872 and (02) 826 1322. To browse other properties, visit our website.


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