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Weekly Picks: Townhouses in Metro Manila for a Starting Family

Single family homes are still preferred by many young families. That’s why, there is still more people competing for a fixed ownership of townhouse, especially within easy commuting distance to work and school.

To narrow down your search, here’s our latest list of available townhouses for rent and sale within Metro Manila.

  1. Newly built traditional townhouse with modern touches. 

    wp-townhouse-rent-rr0463583-553498Location: Bambang, Taguig
    Price: ?70K /month
    Floor area: 3 Bedroom, 200 sqm

  2. This is perfect spot if you want to live close to an exclusive school in Makati. 

    wp-townhouse-rent-rr1032083-319177Location: San Antonio Village, Makati City
    Price: ?70K /month
    Floor area: 3 Bedroom, 158 sqm

  3. Cozy and warm yet clearly defined temporary home in the city.

    wp-townhouse-rent-rr0215183-595669Location: San Antonio Village, Makati City
    Price: ?50K /month
    Floor area: 3 Bedroom, 90.5 sqm

  4. White walls and tiled floor lift the light aura of this single-detached house. 

    wp-townhouse-rent-rr1335783-398752Location: Sta.Mesa, Manila
    Price: ?35K /month
    Floor area: 3 Bedroom, 250 sqm

  5. A vibrant versatile condo packed with stylish pieces gets more views on our site. 

    wp-32064-rr1240083-5248Location: Better Living, Parañaque
    Price: ?25K /month
    Floor area: 2 Bedroom, 104 sqm

  6. Parking space is not a problem anymore. Plus, you can use the spacious garage for a family grill party.

    wp-townhouse-sale-rs1875183-193174Location: San Miguel, Taguig
    Price: ?8.5M
    Floor area: 4 Bedroom, 180 sqm

  7. Functionality and a touch of playfulness come together in this three-storey townhouse. 

    wp-townhouse-sale-rs1816383-519688Location: Mountain Village, Marikina
    Price: ?4.8M
    Floor area: 3 Bedroom, 132.61 sqm

  8. This home in San Juan exudes elegance with its hand-picked furnishings.

    wp-townhouse-sale-rs1765483-342459Location: Sta. Lucia, San Juan
    Price: ?20.8M
    Floor area: 5 Bedroom, 253 sqm

  9. The open layout of this home makes it more interesting.  

    wp-townhouse-30775-rs1302083-2451Location: Bahay Toro, Quezon City
    Price: ?11.4M
    Floor area: 4 Bedroom, 280 sqm

  10. The grand layout of this townhouse can cater a large family. 

    wp-townhouse-sale-rs0875483-669888Location: Fairview, Quezon City
    Price: ?6M
    Floor area: 5 Bedroom, 198 sqm

Discover more properties in your city. You can browse more properties around your neighborhood here!

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