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120 Backyard Design Suggestions for Summer

Summer is the season when we spend time with loved ones outdoors to create fun memories under the sun. We have compiled amazing backyard designs and activities which you can draw inspiration from for a remarkable summer experience at home.

  1.  Create you own outdoor movie theater.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/401946335492489291/
  1. Set up your day bed where you can read and chat with your loved ones.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/393079873721166277/
  1. Make your own DIY glow in the dark planters to have that romantic vibe at night.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/502573639659549576/
  1. Level up on your SCRABBLE game with family and friends.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/135108057557869098/
  1. Set up an obstacle course for both kids and adults to enjoy.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/552887291745486524/
  1. Paint the stones in your backyard.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/ASIiUc-VC44XQiLQSOBEqT-6OPPulLe0mtqUVPlhPB5epROvRBCWEGw/
  1. Create a mini race track in your backyard lawn. 

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/370350769357102042/
  1. Add striking colors on the floor of your patio.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/282460207858093760/
  1. Use rope light to create a charming ambiance in your backyard. 

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/574771971190308543/
  1. Have your own backyard loft perfect for stargazing and reading stories to your kids.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/388998486560603707/
  1. Create that Bohemian vibe in your backyard.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/29766047524299868/
  1. Relax and reflect in this backyard sanctuary.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/86061042866384125/
  1. Hammock under a tree of lights.

Source: unsplash.com/photos/IfBujmIfHLI
  1. Hang strings of lights on your backyard tree and set up a relaxing corner where you can hang out with friends.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/641059328188908260/
  1. Another Bohemian-inspired and picture-perfect backyard space.

Source: bohemianstyleideas.com/bohemian-styled-backyard-decor-ideas/
  1. Exquisite gazebo for a perfect summer night.

  1. The romantic gazebo where you can create memories with your special someone.

Source: instadecoration.com/26-lovely-backyard-gazebo-ideas/11/
  1. Have your own hanging bed in the backyard.

Source: pexels.com/photo/brown-wooden-framed-with-white-mattress-hanging-bed-surrounded-by-green-grass-879010/
  1. Dip in the pool to beat the heat while watching your favorite movie!

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/32721534779884125/
  1. Set up that colorful and Greek-inspired dining area in the backyard.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/418834834095776409/
  1. Or that cozy arrangement in the backyard garden for a sumptuous feast!

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/106256872431050688/
  1. An inspiring Do-It-Yourself landscape in your backyard.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/737745982687613015/
  1. Have your own life-size checkers set for a more exciting board game!

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/135459901265462437/
  1. For a smaller backyard space, try this colorful and hippie arrangement!

Source: decoratio.co/2018/03/17/12-amazing-style-of-hippie-house-with-cheerful-color/
  1. Slip and slide to a refreshing summer at the comfort of your own backyard!

Source: thingsidesire.com/worlds-biggest-water-slide/
  1. Have a colorful summer by choosing throw pillows, mats and ornaments bursting with vibrant colors.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/340725528046717995/
  1. Be creative and think of exciting water games.

Source: bobvila.com/slideshow/10-fun-ways-to-turn-your-backyard-into-a-water-park-44698#water-balloon-dodgeball
  1.  Take the game body twister into another level.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/388083692889970905/
  1. Play chess not just by exercising your mind but your body as well. Have this life-size chess game in your backyard.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/264093965634255717/
  1. Recycle materials at home and create your own bowling lane.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/489203578273334272/
  1. Improvise tin cans and create activities for kids just like set up.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/340373684331239714/
  1. Dart balloons will never go out of style.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/473722454550099879/
  1. Have fun with bubbles!

Source: ehow.com/how_2366591_giant-soap-bubbles.html
  1. Fun-filled summer with an instant fishing activity with the kids!

Source: yellowmums.blogspot.com/2012/07/wild-kratts-birthday-printables.html
  1. Water ball for a refreshing game under the sun!

Source: unsplash.com/photos/_WXd_-jvNZM
  1. Have your own backyard rain shower!

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/494973815283228288/
  1. Create a reading nook in your backyard with recycled materials such as these tires which were transformed to comfy nesting chairs.

  1. Create a chandelier made of jars and candles for an intimate evening in the backyard.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/425801339765378918/
  1. A makeshift bathtub to cool down under the sun at the comfort of your abode!

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/528328600035947819/
  1. Adorn your backyard with colorful Do-It-Yourself lamps.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/863846772257183039/
  1. Design a modern-inspired lounge in your backyard.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/834362268441204185/
  1. Set up your own bar beside the pool!

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/241646336234744903/
  1. A colorful tire obstacle is definitely cool!

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/279997301815845397/
  1. Colorful Rio-themed hammock and pillows.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/816840451143058579/
  1. Relaxing bed and hammock set up in your verdant garden.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/74661306292610626/
  1. That rustic swing chair!

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/487373990896132134/
  1. Create a more feminine vibe in your backyard with this flamingo-inspired hammock.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/275212227208472194/
  1. Playhouse under the tree for kids and adults alike!

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/193795590200318130/
  1. A more classic and enchanting tree house in your backyard.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/455426581063109483/
  1. How about a more modern design concept with this platform tree house?

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/698550592178038453/
  1. Garden by the window.

Source: unsplash.com/photos/PuoeVCU0nuY
  1. Create a fountain in your backyard with these awesome jars.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/47498971044696106/
  1. Who wouldn’t love an infinity fountain in their backyard?

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/400609329346296362/
  1. What about wine bottles to serve as your fountain?

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/400609329346296362/
  1. Amazing rain-chain waterfall!

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/98657048067513367/
  1. Have a purple fence and bench in one!

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/200058408434862209/
  1. Time to play with color combinations!

Source: greenandvibrant.com/garden-fence-ideas
  1. Or create artworks out of your fence.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/189432728056406644/
  1. Decorate your backyard with colorful bottles.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/412290540861191344/
  1. Create your own flower bed.

Source: emmalyne.info/wood-flower-bed-border/
  1. Make use of your old tires in making a flower bed in the backyard.

Source: mydesiredhome.com/amazing-diy-flower-beds-made-of-old-tires-great-ideas-to-boost-your-garden/
  1. Use your old chair and transform it to a flower bed.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/54324739238541552/
  1. Create masterpieces in your outdoor sanctuary just like these stone footprints.

  1. Don’t throw away those boots yet, use them as planters.

Source: backyards-garden.gardeningpin.xyz/2019/05/12/for-agriculture-and-rural-life/
  1. Your old furniture can be converted to a stylish planter.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/427842033348985819/
  1. Dresser turned into a mini garden.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/157766793181020746/
  1. Make use of rocks in the garden to create awesome artistic projects.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/295548794292007707/
  1.  Have your own butterfly feeder!

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/812759063979895645/
  1. Spray glow in the dark paint on your backyard pebbles for a magical outdoor night.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/857021004071361928/
  1. Create a flower pot chandelier.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/778208010590169193/
  1. No need to throw your old bags, they can perfectly fit in your backyard.

Source: depositosantamariah.blogspot.com/2014/06/decoracao-graciosa.html
  1. Have kitchen-bonding time with your loved ones in the backyard for a change.

Source: unsplash.com/photos/9slFL1alEh0
  1. Create a refreshment station in the backyard to beat the summer heat.

Source: bridalguide.com/planning/the-details/reception/wedding-bar#165625
  1. Let your kids express their creative side by setting up this art wall!

Source: bridalguide.com/planning/the-details/reception/wedding-bar#165625
  1. Art walls are for adults too! Transform you backyard into an art gallery.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/9218374209922066/
  1. Place a colorful sofa set in the backyard for an afternoon of bonding with family and friends.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/152840981089500057/
  1. Redecorate your backyard by creating crafts out of recycled materials like plastic bottle caps.

Source: happilyhaverland.blogspot.com/2013/02/caps.html
  1. Place wood furniture in the backyard for an ecological summer vibe!

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/17521886030371289/
  1. Wooden structures never fail to create a refreshing summer experience.

Source: zyhomy.com/2019/04/14/41-modern-wood-pavilion-design-ideas-for-backyard/
  1. Revamp your backyard with rustic colors!

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/722968546408406115/
  1. Charming and romantic patio designs will never go out of style!

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/760826930778908783/
  1. Inspiring and classy patio.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/733664595524665599/
  1. Dip in your own adult pool while reading under the sun.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/343681015309959784/
  1. Have a transparent retreat house in your backyard.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/169096160994122899/
  1. Level up on your tree house with this multi-level structure.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/Ad3nFGi6HMAiG7knL05VrNosqDd7iwhxFV275iARRMsVaqdocmU-KCg/
  1. Feel like stepping out of a fairy tale book with this enchanting backyard house.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/862439397364139473/
  1. A cozy patio is a remarkable piece of sanctuary.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/355643701821589776/
  1. Who doesn’t want their own waterfall pool and bridge in their backyard?

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/851250767045949072/
  1. A backyard beach pool would be awesome!

Source: fullhomeideas.com/46-best-backyard-beach-pool-design-ideas/7/
  1. Have a mosaic inspired garden path stones.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/623818985863444285/

91. Create a fairy garden in your backyard space for a magical summer. 

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/Ae04bTmI7s_RRfzPUnSlCGhqKj3uBLsBVjIZ2nkS2iOIkHx5bVNnHQw/
  1. You would be surprised how a Balinese-inspired umbrella can dramatically accentuate your green backyard!

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/774124908934984/
  1. Embellish your backyard with mosaic art.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/709387378782384100/
  1. A smaller version of a fairy garden in your backyard pots!

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/292382200808749465/
  1. Have a classic and timeless backyard vibe by hanging your old watches.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/182818066093055967/
  1. Decorate the roots of your backyard trees.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/556616835167960768/
  1. Purple summer with marvelous furniture and decorations to match.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/332070172499350148/
  1. Use a fabulous tablecloth to provide flavor in your backyard set up.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/480266747732437604/
  1. A white pergola to let sunshine seep through and brighten your day in the backyard.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/543317142542382369/
  1. A romantic pergola set up for a relaxing night.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/450430400209684803/
  1. Round pergola for a modern and sleek vibe!

Source: renoguide.com.au/outdoor/50-awesome-pergola-design-ideas
  1. Have a smaller pergola with a sun-bathing bed beside it for a sun-kissed summer at the comfort of your own home.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/256564510009345090/
  1. Filipino-inspired pergola, have a nipa hut in your backyard.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/121175046197288026/
  1. Create a cheery and colorful patio in your backyard.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/283445370282713611/
  1. What about a door patio trellis?

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/555842778982201896/
  1. Have an impeccable and elegant backyard with this shabby chic concept of a patio.

  1. Lights for a romantic backyard staircase.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/331085010097037749/
  1. Create a passionate getaway at the back of your own home and have dinner with your special someone.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/418623727859513845/
  1. Don’t throw away those jars yet! Use them to create lanterns by placing flameless candles inside them.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/121175046198155039/
  1. Dangle exotic lanterns in your backyard for an artistic feel.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/497999671290868397/
  1. Backyard patio peg for the free-spirited.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/155022412160414292/
  1. Adorn your backyard with these exquisite lanterns.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/434034482816816246/
  1. Hang up those oriental-inspired outdoor lanterns.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/183873597273733797/
  1. These adorable and beautifully-crafted lanterns were made from plastic bottles.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/501588477248254207/
  1. Soft lights and a cozy umbrella could dramatically change the mood in your backyard.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/53409945556073295/
  1. An umbrella concept can define a theme or mood in an outdoor space.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/756323331152957336/
  1. Nautical-infused summer in the backyard.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/806496245748371465/
  1. Create your own water park in the backyard with this amazing shower sprinkler.

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/174655291771639205/
  1. What about a car wash sprinkler?

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/266345765441519566/
  1. Create more space outdoor with this two-tier patio!

Source: pinterest.ph/pin/33284484731939372/

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