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8 Amazing Tips to Keep Your House Super Clean

Keeping your house clean doesn’t have to take up all of your time or hours on end for spring cleaning. Creating habits that eventually lead to routines will make your cleaning much easier and less time-consuming. Because let’s be honest—no one likes spending their weekends cleaning bathrooms and scrubbing floors.

At PetHairPatrol.com we try to find the best cleaning solutions to help people keep their home spotless, and the best way to do that is to have the right equipment and a routine to follow. With the right tools at hand, cleaning will be a whole lot easier – which then encourages you to stick to your routine.

You should have at least a functional and adaptable vacuum, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and a microfiber mop. These three essential pieces of cleaning gear is all you need to get started.

Also, to help you skip all that cleaning for hours nonsense, what if there was a way—or a few ways—to help keep your home clean? A routine will let you do a bit of cleaning here and there to avoid massive cleanups and to keep your home tidy at all times.

Here are a few tips you can follow to keep your house clean so that you can enjoy your weekends.

  • Make your bed when you wake up. Making your bed should be the first task of your day. You don’t want to come home to a messy bed after a tiring day—especially since it gathers and collects dust during the day. Not making your bed will make your bedroom look messier and can honestly teach discipline. Take the first 5 minutes of your day and tuck in the sheets.
  • Sweep your kitchen every night. This is something you can do with your kids every evening after dinner as a routine. Vacuums, dustpans, and brooms can be a hassle to use. However, a multi-surface sweeper can be an easy option to sweep your kitchen. Every night before you go to bed, tidy it up a bit before you switch off the lights.
  • Clean up after every snack or meal. Leaving used plates and cups on the countertops and not wiping the tables makes your kitchen look dirty—and makes your house feel dirtier. It just takes a few minutes to load the dishes in the dishwasher after every meal. Doing this will save you time the next day when you are getting ready for your busy schedule.
  • Empty your dishwasher every morning. It only takes 5 minutes of your morning to empty the dishwasher. You can do this while your children are getting ready for school or when you are waiting for your coffee or tea to be ready. An empty dishwasher will prevent the dishes from piling up in the sink.
  • Do laundry more often. Once you do your laundry daily, you won’t have to spend your whole weekend doing a big load of laundry. Load your laundry when the hamper’s full before taking the children to school or going to work. Once you’re back home, transfer them to the dryer.
  • Make use of floor mats and carpets. You can only scold your children or your pets from running around with dirty feet or shoes. To reduce dust and dirt from entering the house, place floor mats outside and inside each door that leads to the outside. Every few days, shake them well or vacuum them.
  • Sort through your mail. When you walk in your door every evening with the mail in your hands, don’t simply throw it on the dining table. Take the time to sort it out. Shred the junk mail and put the letters and the important envelopes in a mail sorter so that it’ll be easier and more accessible when you want—or have—to pay the bills.
  • Take time for your bathroom. On a daily basis, you should wipe the faucets and sinks in the bathroom every time you get ready. Hair and toothpaste can easily be left un-wiped and can create a messy environment. You can also put away all the jewelry and toiletries in their specific cabinets. Teach your children to do this as well in their own bathrooms.

It only takes a few minutes of your time to do the above tips. Doing them daily or weekly will create a habit and routine of cleaning your home—even if you have a busy lifestyle. You won’t be left with some pretty big tasks if you make them a regular routine.

Involving the whole family in these routines is not only like creating an opportunity to spend time as a family but also to help your children grow to be responsible adults that keep their home clean. The children can also help with small chores in the house—because a little goes a long way.

Author Bio: Matt is the founder of PetHairPatrol. He lives in New York with his two golden retrievers: Ben and Jerry. Once he opened a carton of yogurt, and immediately there was a dog hair inside. That’s when he decided to find the best ways to get rid of pet hair and start a website to share his knowledge. He has researched and reviewed hundreds of products that help you keep your home clean – even when you have furry roomies. He loves running and Italian pizza. He hates pigeons. And obviously, pet hair!

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