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Man Caves: 8 Bachelor Pad Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Every bachelor needs a place where he could play video games, watch action films, or relax while drinking beer. Thus, every man needs a man cave.

The Philippines School of Interior Design (PSID) presents Studio 24. Batch 2015 showcases 24 designs in 3 categories: Ladies Lair, Perfect Pairing, and Man Caves. The exhibit is from October 3 to 31, 2015.

Here are 8 design ideas from the Man Caves category for your small space:

  1. 40s and 50s Vintage

The Young Urban Professional

by Julie Gil, Mika Zyrl Hernandez, Joy Mercado, Rhea Salvador, Hazel Valdez, Kristine Villanueva

A vibe of masculinity is tangible in this midcentury modern-inspired studio unit. The iconic furniture pieces, neutral colors, and low lights enhance the retro vibe that will take anyone on a trip down the memory lane. Everything inside this man cave reveals the beauty of the 1950s.


  1. Art Deco

The Refined Gentleman

by Karlo Hernandez, Jaian Agoncillo-Ortega, Nikka Co, Kc Espeleta, Angela Guillarte

The extravagant class is apparent in this space saturated in bold geometric shapes and royal colors. The ingenious fusion of sleek metals, clean lines, and smooth surfaces creates a luxurious ambiance. Be instantly captivated by the stunning combination of gold and black pieces the moment you enter the confines of this unit fit for a gentleman.


  1. Bauhaus

The Sports Buff

by Grace Buenafe, Xene Buenviaje, Cherry Garcia, Paoleth Jansalin

Personality and lifestyle will definitely stand out in this elegant unit. The minimal employment of classy design elements and neat furniture pieces shows how the space promotes productivity. This home is suitable for a yuppie who loves to spend his time staying in.


  1. Industrial High Tech

The Mechanic

by Biancci Bautista, Bing Urgel, Paulalyn Zaraspe, Carla Cruz

This unit is abundant in rustic and raw design pieces paired with neat surfaces and cool hues. It features notable accent items like the upholstered leather sofa, the automatic Murphy bed, and the metal-top dining table. Everything inside this space speaks of an unconventional style that is unlike the classical and traditional design methods.


  1. Modern Egyptian

The Backpacker

by Bebeth de Chavez, Lyn Pangilinan, Dennis Salas, Maan Vicera

Perfect for a millennial backpacker who has a penchant for everything Egyptian is this studio unit. The spaces were afforded with remarkable design pieces that not only radiate luxury but also encourage traveling. This home is a match for an adventurer whose pocket is full of wanderlust.


  1. Modern Japanese

The Anime Aficionado

by Tina Ignacio, Josh Navarro, Alfonso Que, Angel Realica, Migo Venzon

A fun vibe wraps this unit suitable for anime lovers. The bedroom area doubles as an entertainment room where video games can be played. Comfort, function, and entertainment make this pad extraordinary. Everything you will see stands out against the wooden furnishing; they accentuate the Japanese feel of the home.

  1. Neo-Gothic

The Goth

by Tricia Alcantara, Cara Duhaylungsod, Aiza Moreno, Geraldine Olivia, Leah Sarenas

This unit is enveloped in an atmosphere of peace that refreshes. It serves as the ideal retreat for a bachelor who wants a quiet and calm home despite being in the heart of the metro. This space suitable for an artistic bachelor is abundant in contemporary and traditional items that inspire creativity.

  1. Filipino Colonial

The Old Collector

by Arlyssa Emlano, Melissa Gonzales, Charmaine Yu

Timeless and outstanding is this unit fit for an old soul. It resembles ancestral homes that are rich in heavily carved pieces. The concept of “Bahay na Bato” was made concrete by creating a structure that showcases the beauty of the houses during the colonial era.

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