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3 Cozy Must-Try Cafés in Kapitolyo

These days, cafés have upped their services not only to serve delicious coffee but also to provide a cozy and comfortable setting for students, creatives, and freelancers to work conveniently. In Kapitolyo alone, there are a number of cafés that have set up shop, serve delicious coffee, tasty meals, and decadent desserts. These cafés are ideal for groups or individuals looking for an uncrowded hideout in the neighborhood, all within a quick walk’s distance from one another.


Located at 11 Brixton Street is Caferista, founded by the team behind Stoked Inc. and Stkd Surf Moto Customs. It’s not difficult to be drawn in by Caferista’s minimalist set up accented by modern interiors and indoor plants in every corner. Though seating is limited, there’s enough space for individuals to call it their work space for the day and having a delicious cup of coffee while they’re at it.

Their menu has regular coffee shop fare. Their latte is well-balanced and the milk doesn’t drown out the bold taste of the coffee beans. Meanwhile, their flat white is rich and soothing. They also throw in a couple of unique elements on their menu that don’t disappoint. Their Coffee Tonic, for example, pairs carbonated water with their iced Americano, creating a unique and surprising twist to a classic.

Additionally, Caferista’s rice bowls are a house specialty that are perfect for whatever time of day. Their Bacon Slab Rice Bowl is served with a side of kimchi and egg, creating a symphony of flavors with each bite. Those who are in the mood to indulge can order the Wagyu Rice Bowl with incredibly tender cubes of beef that people can’t get enough of.

Epic Cafe

This rustic coffee shop in 102 East Capitol Drive is owned by the creators of Poco Deli. Upon stepping foot into Epic Cafe, one cannot miss the vintage bikes, antique pieces, and wooden theme that shapes its cozy ambiance. The cafe is relatively small, but there’s a concrete personality to the space that makes people curious.

Serious coffee aficionados will quickly be drawn to Epic Café’s wide variety of coffee beans that they use in their brews. They also have an all-day breakfast menu to pair with their delicious drinks. It’s a good place to converse with friends on a slow afternoon or camp out at night to meet deadlines.


Located at the 2nd floor of 58 East Capitol Drive is Nicto’s, a young and fresh coffee shop concept founded by Charles Remento. Not even a year old, this coffee shop is a guaranteed hit for coffee shop enthusiasts who are looking for adventurous takes on classic drinks. Nicto’s accents its minimalist interior with soft colors and plants that elevates the cleanliness and warmth that it radiates.

Their best-selling signature drink, Nicto’s Holiday Cup, is a hazelnut latte served with salt on the edges of the cup, inspired by a margarita. Meanwhile, customers can customize the type of chocolate – whether dark chocolate, white chocolate, or marble (a combination of both dark and white) – in creating their ideal mocha.

Rounding out the cafe’s drink menu are its more creative and playful drinks. The Espresso Pop is a bittersweet drink made with coffee, root beer, and toasted-marshmallow syrup, and the Sangria is the perfect summer drink for those looking for a refreshing drink to beat the outdoor heat.

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