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3 Places to Get Your Dessert Fix in Nuvali

Solenad in Nuvali has become the go-to destination for food lovers in the neighborhood. With gorgeous interiors and refreshing al fresco dining available for most restaurants in the area, many families and friends can enjoy their time together while satisfying their dessert cravings. Here are three places to get delicious pastries and coffee.

You’ve Got Baked

Because of its bright and colorful interiors, it’s difficult to miss You’ve Got Baked.

Cupcakes are still definitely in as proven by You’ve Got Baked, which now has two branches in Santa Rosa: one in Nuvali and another in Laguna Bel-Air 2. The pastel-colored interiors are just the first layer of things that draw people in to You’ve Got Baked. With one taste of their moist cupcakes and delicious coffee, it will definitely make any first-timer an instant fan.

Their colorful cupcakes are made fresh and kept chilled. Their Bananutella, which takes the combination of bananas and Nutella spread, isn’t a new combination. But the flavors blend deliciously without overpowering one another. Their Red Velvet cupcake is another bestseller for lovers of cream cheese, and chocolate afficionados won’t regret having an order or two of their Oreo cupcake.

They also serve coffee and milkshakes which go well with their top-of-the-line cupcakes. Guests can also reading books from their library or play several board games as they enjoy their desserts.

18 Days Coffee

18 Days Coffee is a pleasant surprise. Despite its limited space, the delicious and affordable coffee offered in this quaint cafe shapes up a memorable experience. Upon entering 18 Days Coffee, the rich smell of coffee is cannot be missed. Its matched by a cozy ambiance, as wooden furniture and designs are the cornerstones of the cafe. They offer a few meals and pastries, but the highlight is definitely in their coffee which make use of carabao’s milk.

Their flat white isn’t overpowered by milk, and the coffee still dominates the rich flavor of the drink. Meanwhile, their cappuccino is everything expected of the classic drink. For those who prefer a sweeter drink, their mocha (which can be enjoyed iced) is made with rich local chocolate. When paired with their suman and turon, one will undoubtedly leave 18 Days Coffee with intentions of coming back sooner than later.

1028 Kitchen Place

1028 Kitchen Place is a family concept specializing in home-cooked Kampampangan food which opened in October 28, 2015. But everything years back from the creative creation of recipes for cakes and pastries – many of which can be enjoyed in the restaurant.

Their bestsellers include the yemango cake – with a layer of mango, yema, meringue, and cashew – chocolate salted caramel cake, and sans rival. The cakes aren’t too sweet, which makes them more enjoyable. Each slice of cake is good enough to share at an affordable price.

The restaurant offers al fresco dining, which is a good alternative for when the interiors get too crowded.

Whether cakes, cupcakes, or coffee, there’s more than enough places to explore and delectable desserts to try out in Nuvali.

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