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Five Parks to Explore in Makati City

Living in the urban jungle is challenging. The crowded streets are packed with high-rise buildings, busy professionals, and vehicles driving by non-stop. Combined with a fast-paced working environment, city life can be outright draining. Thus, it is important that we take a break.

We rounded up the public parks in Makati City where you can rejuvenate and commune with nature, even for a short time. As the country’s main financial district, you’d be surprised to see the great public parks it offers.

From the vibrant Legaspi Village to the more laid-back Salcedo Village and to the popular Ayala Triangle Gardens, there are many worthwhile activities for you to do in these parks. What makes it even better? You can enjoy them without leaving the comforts of the city, and spending too much money on travel and other expenses. All these parks are walkable from a condo for rent in Makati. These are where families can bond together during the weekends or yuppies get together over a cup of coffee. This will not only keep you fit and healthy, but also happy and feeling refreshed.

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