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6 Space-Saving Tips to Help Organize Your Study Room

Spending serious time at home is a volatile idea for most students. Some days you might feel like you are tired of your house, while other days it might be a relief. In the end, your attitude depends on your perception, which is created by the environment you’ve created. If your environment is not clean enough, let alone messy, you won’t be able to focus well on anything. Thus, you might become less productive and less mindful.

Above cleanness, there has to be order. If you’ve been struggling with this during the pandemic, here are six tips that might make the cleaning-up process easier for you.

  1. Sort through your clothes

The first thing you want to do in order to save space is sort through your clothes. I am sure that there are many things that you don’t actually use, so checking that before anything else is important, as it might make up for some lost space. Remove the clothes out of your closet (and all the other places they are in) and sort them by category by placing them on your bed or on the floor. The most important thing is that you see them so that you become aware of how many items you no longer need.

The categories you might want to use are:

  • Super important clothes that I won’t ever give away
  • Clothes that I might or might not wear
  • Clothes I will never wear again

Get rid of the last category and sort through the second one until you find something that you really won’t use. Then move it to the third category (the clothes you’ll get rid of). Keep doing that until you are left with only the necessary items for you.

  1. Make a list of what you might need

Now that you sort your items in categories, it is time to find the missing items – what are some of the things that you might need and might help you stay organized? Many students find it useful to buy new storage places to organize their clothes more efficiently, even after they got rid of a serious pile of items. Other students find it necessary to purchase new pieces of furniture to help them keep organized. Whatever it is that you need, write it down, and next to each item, add the reason for why it would (1) help you keep organized and (2) save you room space.

Even though you are on a busy schedule, it’s important to take enough time to make the list of the belongings you might no longer need. If your essay is due but you can’t focus because your room is messy, you could run your assignment by Edubirdie to get the help you need. Keeping a healthy, organized environment is essential for your success; so, you should invest your time into re-organizing even if it means getting someone to back you up on your assignments.

  1. Use creative storage spaces

If your room is quite small, you need to improvise. You should find those storage spaces that are “not to be found.” Here are some ideas that might help you.

  • Use baskets for your sheets, blankets, and pillows.
  • Use a hamper instead of the floor to store some of your most-used clothes.
  • Use the space under your bed to keep your space efficiently organized.
  • Buy a trash bin and keep it in your room – this will also help you keep organized.
  1. Organize your closet and desk

Now that you know how to use your space wisely and are aware of the clothing items that you don’t need, it’s time to re-organize your closet and your studying place. To organize your closet, come up with a strategy. For example, if your main activity during the day is working out, keep your sportswear where it is most easily reachable. Keep your pajamas and other things you might only use at night in the least reachable place. You could also organize clothes by season or have any other mechanism that works for you.

Make sure that you keep your desk organized as well. Declutter it and keep it simple. Do not overwhelm it with numerous items. The simpler your desk is, the more focused you’ll be when studying. Have a plant on your desk or something that brings you joy. Also, make sure you have natural light.

  1. Organize your new room

Your clothes are now organized, your closet is organized, your desk is organized, and your room space is pretty much organized. So, it is time to decide where everything goes. As I said, you’ll want to keep your desk in front of the window for natural light but besides that, choose whatever fits your preferences. Make your bed, put remaining things in their place, mop the floors, and light up a scented candle! You’re all set.

  1. Make a plan to stay organized

The hardest thing to do now is committing to staying organized. This is why you should map out a plan. Include:

  • What day of the week you want to clean and declutter your room.
  • How many new items you want to buy per week/month.
  • How many items you want to give away per week/month.
  • What you need to clean and organize for each week.


When your room is messy, you are not able to see things clearly. You might stumble upon objects or dirty laundry, which is nothing but a bummer. Thus, keeping your room well-organized is crucial. Check the above tips to ensure that you keep everything organized.


Author Bio

Robert Everett is a freelancer and world traveler. He specializes in DIY storage items, a business idea he came up with while in college. Robert is passionate about blogging and writing.

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