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7 Tips for Making Your College Housing Feel Like Home

Starting a new life out of the house you have lived in for years is surely a huge change for anyone. And it usually is one of the big steps that you will have to take as you start a new life in college. But deciding to live in a condo or apartment or your college’s housing need not be stressful or daunting. You can start by creating your own piece of heaven within the four corners of your room. Here are some tips to help you make your college housing feel like home.

Unpack Everything

As soon as you move in, you will surely have a lot of boxes of stuff with you. These stuff should not stay in their boxes for long. Make sure to find a place for every item that you brought with you, but more importantly, make sure that you have packed just enough stuff so as to not make your room look too crowded. Get all your clothes organized in your cabinet and drawers, put all frames and memorabilia’s on the wall or on display counters, and get rid of all the moving boxes as soon as you can. It’s best that you get tasks like this done and out of the way before the start of school.

Make Bed Comfortable

You don’t have to settle for a mediocre bed once you’re in your college housing. You can opt to bring in your own bed to make you feel like you are still sleeping in the bed at your house. This can also help you have a good night’s rest every evening, even if you are in a new place. Buy new beddings, pillows, or even replace the mattress that is provided in your room.

Get Comfy Chairs

To make yourself feel more at home and comfortable in your new room, bring in some comfortable chairs where you can lounge around in during your down times. It can also be a good place for reading, watching TV or playing games. You can also entertain new friends and acquaintances on these new comfy chairs that you’ll be adding into your temporary abode.

Keep it Tidy

Nothing makes a home feel homier than by keeping it spic-and-span. It doesn’t have to be sparkling clean at all times, but knowing where to find everything that you need makes it easier for you to feel more at ease around your room. A clean room also gives any person a more comfortable feeling so it’s best that you keep all your stuff organized and make sure that you have a laundry bin and trash can available so that you have a place to put in your dirty clothes and trash any time.

Decorate with Photos from Home

To keep yourself closer to home and to your family, you might want to put up some framed photos of your loved ones on certain areas of your room. But do not overdo it, especially if you are sharing your room with someone else. A photo frame or two will do just fine, especially if you have a small room. If you have your own study or bedside table, you might want to keep those frames on areas that only you can use.

Rearrange the Furniture

It’s a good idea to move and mix things around every once in a while. This way, you won’t get bored looking at the same things in the same place over and over again. You won’t have to settle on your room’s old and boring setup. And since it’s your room, you have the opportunity to rearrange things that you have in there. If it will help you feel more comfortable, then go ahead and reorganize it to your liking.

Warm up Your Floor

One thing that can make any room look and feel more comfy is by adding in some rug or carpet to keep your feet warm and comfortable anytime you walk on bare feet. This is especially helpful if you have tiled or concrete flooring.

Wherever you might decide to stay during your college days, it’s ideal to maintain your temporary home and make it as comfy as possible. This way, you get to avoid experiencing homesickness and be more comfortable even if you’re far away from your home and your loved ones.

Author Bio

When she’s not studying or taking in a lecture, Lindsey Harper Mac turns her intellectual curiosity to indie music, intimate local concerts and the edgy world of extreme sports. As Lindsey’s typical speed setting is “afterburner,” she does turn it down before bed with some reading, classic TV or a faithful quick entry into her ever-present journal. She writes for Surviving College.

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