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7 Values Real Estate Brokers Can Learn From #AlDub

There’s no denying that the whole country has gone gaga over the #Aldub phenomenon. The kilig sensation that Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza (a.k.a. Yaya Dub) brings in their kalyeserye has resulted to shattering new records in Twitter and local TV ratings to the bewilderment of many. And to think this loveteam started out by accident.

But this pambansang kiligserye is not just about a dreamy and whimsical type of love. It also has values weaved into every episode, some of which can even be applied to the real estate profession.

Here are 7 values real estate brokers can learn from #Aldub:

  1. Adapt

Meeting different people means interacting with different personalities. Just as Alden conforms with the demands of Lola Nidora just to be on her good side, real estate brokers must learn to swim with the tide as well. Doing so will allow to build rapport with the client and alter selling techniques altogether in order to find them that perfect property.

  1. Listen

Hearing and listening are two entirely different things. Lola Nidora likes to give advise to both Alden and Yaya Dub. But they just don’t blindly follow what she says, rather they find the reason behind the advise. For real estate brokers, paying close attention to the client’s needs is imperative. By giving emphasis on what they heard, they will both arrive on a positive result. More importantly, they will give clients the feeling that they get them.

  1. Appreciate

Showing appreciation goes a long way. When Lola Nidora grants Yaya Dub’s and Alden’s requests, they show their appreciation by saying thanks or hugging her. Real estate brokers should always find the time to let their clients know how much they appreciate them. A simple thank you card or a cup of coffee after viewing can be invaluable to the client’s eyes. Furthermore, showing appreciation sets you apart from your competitors, increases loyalty, improves retention, inspires sales and even builds relationships that last a lifetime.

  1. Be Honest

Honesty leads to trust. When Lola Nidora and Alden pinky swears on a promise, it shows utmost sincerity. Honesty for real estate brokers should be innate. Their clients may not always like what they’ll hear but being honest will show that you only have clear intentions. Honesty leads to a more open conversation and more importantly makes for the best relationships.

  1. Be Patient

Patience helps to avoid making hasty decisions. Throughout the ordeal of Alden and Yaya Dub, their ultimate goal is to see and be with each other. Daunting tasks and relentless interferance from Lola Nidora doesn’t make things any easier for Aldub. Hence the hashtags,#AldubKapitLang, #SaTamangPanahon.  For real estate brokers, their patience is really tested when negotiating. It is important to understand that a successful sale takes time. In order to get positive results, patience is required. Remember that a great achievement is always a function of patience.

  1. Be Presentable

Dress to impress. You’ll almost never see Aldub or any of the characters of the kalyeserye dressed down. Even in a maid’s uniform, Yaya Dub looks appealing. As for real estate brokers, looking dapper is essential because their appearance can impact their ability to land sales. And if you’re dressed well, they will assume you are successful even if you are not.

  1. Persevere

Perseverance is the key that leads to accomplishment of goals despite the odds. Alden faces tough tasks posed by Lola Nidora but however insurmountable they may seem, he finds the inner strength to accomplish those taks. Alden endures because his aim is to meet Yaya Dub in person and the only way to do that is to pass Lola Nidora’s challenges.  It’s an uphill battle but when it’s something your heart truly desires, nothing is impossible. This value should hold true with real estate brokers. Make no mistake, the real estate profession is a tough job. Success doesn’t happen overnight.  They have to deal with difficult clients, contract deadlines, appointments and follow-ups. But with perseverance, the fruits of all that labor will show in no time.

The Aldub kalyeserye mirrors life’s unexpected challenges. Who would have ever thought that a simple smile and pabebe wave would develop into a romantic whirl? But as they say, if you really want something so bad, you’ve got to work hard for it. Everything will fall into place #SaTamangPanahon.


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Cover photo from: mannyandaprilphotography.com

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