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Best Devices with Artificial Intelligence for Your Home

Since the beginning of time, people have been trying to make their homes comfortable and safe spaces. In the post-COVID-19 and lockdown world, this issue becomes even more relevant as we spend our time at home more often. Fortunately, now to improve the pastime at the lockdown, the corporations have something to offer to us – devices with artificial intelligence that will make our houses the most comfortable and pleasant place to live. The market of smart home devices is estimated at USD 79.13 billion by 2020 and will not stop its speed!

Artificial intelligence helps a device learn from the previous experience and adapts to the new data. Let’s take a look at the top devices with AI for your home!

Virtual Assistants for Smart Homes

A virtual assistant is a software that understands the voice commands of people and completes different tasks. You can ask it to turn on your favorite song or help you learn the English language: turn on the microphone and communicate with it freely, improving your English pronunciation.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is the number one assistant on the market. It works with AI and works with text and voice entry. The assistant can help you with:

  • Real-time translations;
  • Searching for information online;
  • Completing tasks;
  • Making appointments and many more.

It is an ideal choice for those who want to feel comfortable at home. One more great feature about the software is that it’s available both for iOS and Windows.

Alexa Virtual Assistant

Number two in our list of the top virtual AI assistants for home takes Alexa from Amazon. The assistant provides not fewer services than Google Assistant:

  • Create to-do lists;
  • Set alarms;
  • Provide real-time info on traffic, weather;
  • Steam podcasts, audiobooks, and music.

The tool is very comfortable to use with various devices. Unfortunately, iOS and Windows requires more than just a wake-up word to get Alexa to work – you need to push a button.

Security Systems With Artificial Intelligence

When it comes to the security of your nest, there is nothing better than a security camera with AI to protect you from uninvited guests and other troubles. In 2021 homebuyers more often install security cameras as the prices are constantly decreasing and the product is rising commensurately.

SimCam 1S

A home security camera is not a new thing in the world of households. The astonishing thing is that now they installed AI in it! Artificial intelligence helps SimCam learn about the people who come and go to the house not to make false alerts.

It uses facial recognition to help you with the daily routine: turn on/off the lights, play your favorite song or lock the doors. You don’t need to push any buttons – ask the camera!

3D Orbbec Persee Camera

Orbbec company has recently developed a device which can see and recognize people and objects in complete darkness. It is a 3D Persee camera that has a built-in AI feature and allows controlling the house entirely.

Besides this, the tool offers some other unique services:

  • Healthcare application, which protects the elderly from falling and also can be used during the rehabilitation;
  • A smart-home that helps with controlling locks, lights;
  • 3D scanning AI feature It collects the 3D data of the objects and spaces and reconstructs them;
  • Robot vision for mapping and monitoring objects;
  • Automation feature helps to provide control over the business logistics if you need so;
  • Facial recognition is a core characteristic of all smart cameras: it prevents false alarms, collects data, and calls the police when it’s needed.

Vivint Smart Security Systems

Vivint offers a package solution to home security and comfort: its panel uses AI to detect people at home to prevent energy losses. Also, the system can detect a leak and smoke to avert a bigger disaster. Here are some of the Vivint security system components:

  • Indoor and outdoor cameras;
  • Alarm systems;
  • Support system;
  • Application to control the devices.

It works in perfect synergy with Alexa and Google Assistant and can make suggestions based on the collected data.

Baby Monitors & Pet Cameras

It used to feel bad about leaving your pet at home alone when going to work, someone else’s house, or for a walk. Now when you have the devices that show you what your dog or cat is doing, feed them, you can calm and feel good.

There so many tools with AI that can help you with your baby’s upbringing and observing. Sometimes it is hard to pick the right one. Let’s look through the list of the top baby & pet monitors at the market.

Cubo AI Smart Baby Monitor

Cubo AI Plus is a smart baby monitor that offers a sleep analytics feature, crying, and rollover alerts. It helps a mom to be aware of any changes in the baby’s behavior. Here are the features provided by Cubo:

  • Covered face & rollover detection
  • Danger zone detection
  • HD night vision
  • Sleep monitor
  • Photo capture

Cubo has an adaptive stand that fits well into the interior. Its installation does not require any additional tools! Parents can monitor their child with the Cubo AI application, which works with iOS and Android.

Smart Camera Petcube Bites 2

When you leave your pet at home and want to monitor their state and sometimes give a comfort snack, Petcube Bites 2 is something that you might like. With the help of the device, you can train a dog with two-way audio. The features provided by the camera are:

  • HD video camera for monitoring;
  • Two-way audio;
  • Remote interact dispencer.

Bites 2 has an application that connects a pet owner to a veterinarian. It operates with Alexa and Google Assistant for your convenience.

Bottom Line

Choosing top devices with AI is a tricky business. Before purchasing anything, ask the retailer these questions:

  1. Is my cell-phone software compatible with the software of the device?
  2. How much money do services cost per month?
  3. What is the warranty case for the device?

Enjoy your life just entering the house cause all the worries are already taken away by smart devices for your home.


About the Author

Ryan is a passionate blogger and writer who likes sharing his thoughts and. Now he works as a content editor and internet researcher, you can check his website here. He likes to travel and explore new countries.


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