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Choosing the Right Paint Colors that Will Work for Your Home

When it’s time to freshen up your home or you’re moving into a new place and you have to choose the paint colors, it can be daunting deciding what to choose. From the thousands of almost-similar shades, to the cost and time of painting, there’s a lot riding on this decision so you want to make sure it’s the right one.

You can’t delay forever, though, and we’re here to help! Sure, you can get an interior designer or hire a professional decorator, but this is definitely something that you can do yourself, especially so you get the color that is best for you. This article will give you some tips for choosing paint colors that you will love in your home.

1. Consider the mood of the room
The one thing you should know before embarking on this is a tried and true rule about paint colors: any light colors will immediately brighten up a space and make it seem larger than it is, whereas dark or intense colors make a space seem more contained and smaller, though they should not be dismissed out of hand because they can add flair.

The next rule for paint colors is the tone and the message it conveys: brown, beige, and more burnt and fiery shades will convey warmth in a room, whereas a room will appear cooler if it’s in the grey, blue, or green range. The one you choose should reflect the vibe you want for the room, whether that’s cozy and comfortable or calm and breezy.

2. Pick a color to work with the space
If the previous suggestion didn’t really help you narrow it down, this one should help clarify. The space that you’re painting should have a color that matches its purpose. For example, bathrooms always work better with cool colors because it indicates water, nature, and relaxed tones. In addition to this, you want a cool, clear, and light space in the bathroom for applying makeup, and a color like yellow will make your skin look sick and pale.

Kitchens can be either warm or cool but the color you choose should work well with the flooring, backsplash, and cabinets. It really depends on what makes you feel best.

3. Don’t underestimate a neutral color
You should pick a neutral color that will be dominant throughout your home so it can serve as a base color, tying all rooms together. You don’t want every room in your house to be drastically different from each other as this can be quite jarring, so you want something that can work everywhere, with accent colors where needed.

4. Choosing an accent color
Once you have your dominant color settled, you have to choose the right accent and secondary colors. This one should be in the same range as the main color, meaning cool and warm colors should remain separated. If you want, you can pick a brighter or contrast color for a splash of flair or to tie the room together. Avoid colors that clash with each other, look at them side by side before picking the right ones.

5. Don’t forget about your furniture and floor
You want a paint color to work with the furniture in the room as well as the flooring or carpeting. If you’re not sure what to go for, use the furniture you have as a starting point to get inspired on color choices.

6. Paint a test area
You think you have the right colors, but you still should be cautious before committing fully because it can look totally different on your wall than on the paint sample. Buy one small can to start with and paint a swath roughly 3 foot square. You can also paint on some tape to put on your wall to test it out. Get enough covered that you can see what it looks like, and keep it for a day with different lighting situations. If you still love it after that test, you can buy as much paint as you need and get to work!

It can be difficult to get started when you want to repaint your house because it’s such a major decision that you’ll see every single day. By following these 6 suggestions, you should be able to feel very confident about your choice and pick the best color for your home.

Author Bio:

Ellie Coverdale is an interior design blogger, yoga lover, and a  blog content manager at Essay help in Adelaide service.

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