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Get Active in Filinvest City

Acting on its initiative of being a neighborhood that encourages an active lifestyle amongst its residents, Filinvest City is filled with outdoor activities that are a stone’s throw away from its business districts and residential areas. Here are three places to visit.

Filinvest Trails

The Filinvest Trails are known as the site for the annual Endurance Weekend which features a 6-hour, 12-hour, and 24-hour race span for solo and team bikers. The Filinvest Trails include eight different courses surrounded by huge trees that are the perfect setting to test bikers’ skill and endurance. The trails are less than 2 kilometers per section, making it friendly for newbie bikers, though there are advanced and expert levels available.  Joggers are also welcome on the trail, but because it’s primarily a biking trial, the terrain could get difficult especially with uphills and downhills.

Palms Country Club

The prestigious club in Filinvest City welcomes guests of their members to enjoy its facilities. For an inexpensive fee, guests can swim in the lap pool or take a dip in the Jacuzzi. The gym may also be accessed by guests. Other facilities available in the Palms Country Club include a bowling alley, an outdoor tennis court, and indoor basketball court, and a dance studio. If there’s one thing that Palms Country Club offers all its members and guests, it’s an undisturbed day of rest and recreation.

Southpoint Driving Range

Located along Promenade St., a few streets away from the Filinvest Trails, Southpoint Driving Range is the home down south for amateur and pro golfers. The driving range features 28 bays with well-maintained turf mats. The Southpoint facility also has a Golf Depot where golfers can have gear repaired or customized. In the summer, the driving range also organizes a summer camp for kids and adults to learn the basics of golf. For a cheap hourly price, families can enjoy sharpening their swings at the driving range.

Whether it be for groups of friends or families, the Filinvest Trails, Palms Country Club, and Southpoint Driving Range offer enjoyable recreational activities to keep everyone active.


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