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Inspiration Through Decoration: Home Decorating Tips For Success

Home decorating can be a daunting task, and staying inspired can be difficult, especially when you’re just standing in the midst of an empty house, waiting for it to become a home. Little secret: that doesn’t happen on its own! But there are some tips to keeping yourself inspired, and even just catching the first spark so that you can begin your home decorating adventure with something, rather than a lackluster nothing.. So, without further ado, here is your guide to staying motivated and inspired before, throughout and even after your home decorating journey!

How Would You Like To Be Inspired?

There are so many different ways to become inspired, and they don’t all work the same for everyone, since we’re all such unique individuals. But there are a few general themes which might tickle your fancy, such as going online and creating a virtual moodboard of home decoration posts that you find appealing on sites like Pinterest. You could also pay attention to friends’ and family’s homes, and see what you like about the decorating, then apply it to your own situation. Picking up colour schemes from DIY shops and searching for different styles of furniture (traditional, modern, grunge or even gothic!) can also help to get your creative juices flowing.

Discover Your Lifestyle!

There is no denying that different people live very different lives, so why should your lifestyles all be the same? Lifestyle may not be something you’ve thought of before, and you may not want to put your lifestyle into a neatly defined box, but there are a few lifestyles that you can consider and even blend together if you want to. Studio living is typically for the young and single, while rustic living might be for the old-fashioned souls, perhaps living in the countryside. Classic living is for those who yearn for the prim and proper society of days past, and modern living is for those edgy individuals living in the moment, up-to-date and stylish. Casual living is for people who like to chill and take things slow, but people who are constantly on the move will identify more with the life in motion lifestyle. In any case, discovering your lifestyle can help you to decide what sort of interior decoration you want, or even need.


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Choose Your Colours!

One rule here: don’t go crazy! Nobody likes an hallucinogenic mess of a room, so, unless you’re already a colour-combo pro, try to limit yourself to three main colours (different shades of each are fine). These colours might come from patterns you like, or furniture that you’ve already picked out. If you can only think of one, or are struggling for even that, using an online colour wheel to pick out a colour scheme can be a lifesaver, since they understand contrasting colours and show you what works.

How To Decorate

Once you’re actually starting to decorate, there are a few tips that can help you out. If you’re buying furniture, try to buy in sets, or at least in the same style; nobody wants a room full of cluttered junk-furniture. If you really need an element of the room to fit in, but can’t find anything for sale, try to make it yourself! There are plenty of online tutorials which will help you, and you could even paint or redecorate some of your existing furniture if you think it’ll fit into the new decorating scheme with just a little bit of work. Don’t be afraid to recruit help (family and friends, or even a professional decorator if you have the budget for one) and ultimately make sure that you’re creating a home that you love, not just a house that looks nice.

Enjoy Your Creation!

Once all the decorating is done, the dust has settled and the paint brushes have been put away, there’s one thing left to do: live in your newly decorated home! Pat yourself on the back, have a nice mug of your favourite hot drink (but be careful not to spill it on the furniture, or the fancy new rug!) and sit down for a nice relaxation session, because you deserve it. Home decorating can seem scary, or even like an impossible task, but simple planning and preparation, and the ability to keep inspiration flowing throughout, will make sure that you complete your home decorating adventure and feel good about it!

Author Bio

Darryl Martin writes and proofreads professionally for Origin Writings. He has been involved in countless projects which promote inspiration and belief in yourself and your abilities, and also completes many DIY projects in his home, which he then shares his knowledge of online.

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