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Living Room Design: Coffee Table Ideas for Living Room

A living room without a coffee table is not complete. It does not matter if you have a traditional or a modern living room. It will certainly look stunning with the perfect table. The style of the coffee table you have at home will speak of your personal preference. You can always put different items to make it more personalized.

Stunning Living Rooms with Multiple Coffee Tables:

With all the choices you have in the market, it is indeed a bit difficult to choose the perfect coffee table. So, why not integrate several of those pretty pieces in a single room? You can do this perfectly by choosing the exact piece that will complete the collection. Here are some coffee table styles that will still look stunning in multiple:

 Modern White Coffee Table

The best thing about white is that it can be integrated to any color. Whether you have an all-white room or you have multiple colors inside, you will easily add a touch of elegance with a white table.

 Square Solid Wood Modern Rotating Coffee Table

This type of coffee table adds a bit of complexity in your living room. Solid wood is a perfect centerpiece. It can blend well with other items such as books, bottles and other things you may wish to add. With a square solid wood modern rotating coffee table, your living room will surely look classy.

 Modern Oval White Swivel Coffee Table

Most of these pieces come in ivory white. The classy and yet minimalist style of this coffee table makes your room look simple and yet elegant. This is perfect for people who are looking for small pieces that will look good even with any floor material. It would look good with a carpet, wood floor or even tiled floor.

 The Drum Coffee Table

Drum coffee table may come in different materials. You will find most of this in solid wood. It looks sturdy and dominant. It may look bulkier than other coffee tables but it certainly is a perfect piece for your living room. Ever thinking of a perfect table where you can put that flower vase? This one will certainly add more

 Modern Glass Coffee Table

Glass has always been the favorite material for coffee tables. The modern glass coffee table provides space for your books and other stuff at it adds a trendy look to your place. There are different designs you can choose from. Options in the market are unlimited; you will always get the perfect glass coffee table for your living room.

Table Tips to Style Your Coffee Table

Now that you already have an idea on the type of coffee table you want to add to your living room, think of the ways on how to make it look perfect. Here are some table tips you can consider in styling your coffee table:

 Switch Up the Heights

The coffee table should also standout in a room full of large furniture. You can do this by adding some items that can help switch up the height. Most people consider adding some floral arrangement. Choose a vase that is tall enough to provide more height and elegance to your coffee table.

 Small can be Mighty

Using two or three small tables as centerpieces can make your living room look a bit different. You can put a candle on top of the other and a plant on another. You can even build up a Coffee station or simply a coffee bar at home, look at Friedcoffee to have an idea.

 Modern Decorations that Match Your Lifestyle

From a statement table to a minimalist design, you can always choose what will match your lifestyle. There are a lot of modern decorations you can add to personalize your coffee table. Just look for the one that will speak your own style.

 Add some Greenery

Inside plants can act both as air purifier and decoration. There are some plants that can perfectly fit as a centerpiece in your coffee table. You can choose from miniature plants to tall and elaborate ones.

 Get Lit

Candles and candelabras can accentuate even the simplest table. Adding something that can light up the room at night can make the coffee table more functional. Aside from that, small scented candles can also make the room more comfortable.

 Use a Tray

One of the simplest tricks that people can use to decorate and organize is the use of a tray. The challenge here is choosing the right tray. With the right one, you will be able to add more items in the table without making it look too crowded. Color combinations can help do the trick here. Aside from that, the size of the tray also matters.

Get Back to Nature

It is refreshing to find something natural in the middle of your living room. With this, you can always consider adding some fresh flowers or other natural items every now and then. This way, you will be able to add something different with your constants.

Organize Clutter

One of the simplest ways on how you can easily make your living room more comfortable is to organize it. Look for items that are not needed in the room and keep them. As much as possible, the colors and items must be in harmony. Organizing is a trick that will make even the smallest room look spacious and comfy.

Coffee tables are meant to be used as a platform for you to share some stories. It must be perfect for your coffee breaks. So aside from the best tasting coffee, you have to add some style for your coffee table. No matter what style you want to integrate in your living room, you should always look at comfort as the end goal.

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