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Restaurants in Kapitolyo You’ll Keep Coming Back To

It’s a known fact that Kapitolyo is a food haven in the metro, and it has tons of unique and exciting restaurants that are packed each night. Some of these restaurants have been in the neighborhood for years, their iconic restaurant concepts earning them regulars even before Kapitolyo became what it is today. Others are up-and-coming restaurants that present fresh concepts and shake up what people are used to. And then there are the hole-in-the-wall gems that quietly recruit their own following with their unpretentious menus and authentic flavors.

Here are 5 restaurants in the neighborhood – some classics, new players, and secret spots you still probably haven’t heard of!

Poco Deli
Poco Deli along East Capitol Drive is a certified institution in the Kapitolyo restaurant scene, having been around since 2008. Sonny and Joy de Leon, the husband and wife tandem behind the popular restaurant, founded Poco Deli on their passion for European cuisine. Once just a little neighborhood secret, it’s now grown so much since its beginnings a decade ago and expanded in other cities of Metro Manila as well!

Diners who visit for the first time will find themselves surrounded by the wares of wine, beer, sausages for sale. But that’s not the only thing one can have at Poco Deli. They have pizza, pasta, sandwiches, and tapas that never fail for a good lunch or dinner.

Charlie’s Grind and Grill
When exploring Kapitolyo for the first time, it’s imperative to make time to try out Charlie’s Grind and Grill. Located behind a car wash along East Capitol Road, Charlie’s is another long-time player in the neighborhood. It was also founded in 2008, and during its humble beginnings, rumor spread that there was a place in the area serving American-style gourmet burgers at affordable prices. Word quickly caught on and almost instantly, Charlie’s became a hit – not just among those who live in Pasig City but also in other cities. To this day, many flock to Charlie’s for their Angus and Wagyu Burgers, fries, and milkshakes.

One of the more famous hole-in-the-wall restaurants is Pomodoro Pizza, located at the corner of San Rafael and Sta. Rosa Streets in West Kapitolyo. The restaurant is known for their no-nonsense authentic Italian dishes and their thin-crust pizzas freshly-made each day. Its interiors are small and simple, but it’s a quaint place that serves delicious meals ideal for families. Popular items on their menu are their Tartufo Pasta, a truffle pasta served with cream and mushrooms, and Margherita Pizza, with a rich pomodoro sauce, tomatoes, and basil.

Siam Thai BBQ
Fans of Thai food will be pleased to know that they can find affordable dishes at Siam Thai BBQ in Pioneer Center, Pioneer Street, Kapitolyo. Despite its location in a parking lot, it would be wrong to label this unassuming restaurant to be just another beer joint. Many first-timers often find themselves caught off-guard by the delicious and authentic flavors of their food.

Specializing in Mookata-style of dining, or barbecue grill, the restaurant doubles as a sports bar serving imported, local, and craft beer best paired with their dishes. Most of their dishes are ideal for sharing between groups, which is why the place is frequented by professionals heading out for a nightcap after work. Their popular dishes are the Salt and Pepper Catfish, Siam Fried Chicken, and Thai BBQ Set.

Highlands Prime Steakhouse
The best place to find steak in Kapitolyo is at Highlands Prime Steakhouse, located in Estancia Mall. Fans of the steakhouse’s original branch will be thrilled to know that they have found their new home in Capitol Commons, and their food is still of top quality. It’s easy to fall in love with the glamour of this restaurant, which is reminiscent of a cabin because of its wooden tables, chairs, and counters. Paired with a menu that’s straightforward, the trip to Highlands is always worth it after a bite of their quality steaks and comfort food. 

A definite must-try is their Classic Prime US Rib Eye is a 10 oz slice of prime rib eye served with potatoes and corn fritter, a hefty plate that is everything one would expect from a steakhouse.

All of these restaurants are within striking distance from a condo in Pasig. Looking for a specific property? Visit our website today!

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