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Types of Houses in the Philippines

Home is one of the basic human necessities. In it, we find protection from the harms caused by our environment. It’s where we can sleep soundly, enjoy an alone time while reading a novel, or spend a fun Saturday night with friends and family.

With the success of the real estate industry and the influx of properties in today’s market, we can easily pick and choose one that would meet our needs; these properties come in all shapes and sizes.

Here are the most common types of houses in the Philippines:

House and Lot

To have your own property evokes a sense of fulfillment. Moreover, owning a house ensures a better quality of life.

A house is complete with a living area, bedrooms, bathroom, and kitchen and dining area. Some homeowners opt to have additional spaces in their house such as a lanai and balcony. A garden and a swimming pool can also be afforded to maximize the land. They serve as great venues for family members to create lasting memories with one another and friends. Some properties that are complete with such amenities can be found in Pasig and Paranaque.

Bungalow is popular with new homeowners. It is a single-storey house, which means all areas are located on the same floor.

Alternatively, a multi-storey house is a structure with two or more floors. It is up to the owners where to set the different areas. It is mostly recommended for big families; a good option for people who want and need more space.

A house can either be attached or detached. An attached house simply means that it is connected or built directly into the side of another house. Otherwise, it is detached if it is not.


Living in a condo is preferred mostly by yuppies and small families. Due to its accessibility to commercial business hubs and various means of transportation, it is appealing to everyone who desires convenience despite living in the metro. Some of the most expensive yet truly beneficial condo units are found in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, and luxurious apartments in Legaspi Village, Makati.

This type of home is usually found in big cities. It can either be a mid-rise or high-rise residential building.

A studio type unit is frequently the most affordable kind. The bedroom, kitchen, and dining areas are all in one room. Its space can go as low as 18sqm in total floor area.

If a unit has an elevated bedroom accessible through stairs, it is a loft. The bedroom is typically open and looks over onto the living area. It is not ideal for anyone who is finicky about privacy.

A penthouse is the most expensive type of condo unit. It features a vast floor area which implies greater privacy compared to the other types.


If you desire the comfort that living in a house brings and the convenience that a condo unit provides, a townhouse is for you. Furthermore, most townhouses are more affordable compared to houses and condominiums In the Philippines, townhouses in Quezon City are popular with most families.

The classic structure of a townhouse is one that typically has two or three houses lined up next to each other. These properties have their own garage, backyard or entrance.


Apartments are mostly privately owned. Just like condominiums, they are located in the heart of the city where commercial establishments, workplaces, universities, and public transportation are found. Condos in Ortigas Center in Pasig City are preferred mostly by people who want to have a property near these places.

A studio type apartment unit is similar to a studio type condo unit. It is a one-room house where the kitchen, dining, and sleeping areas are located.

An apartment loft features high ceilings with an open floor plan with no interior walls. Its second level is used mostly as the sleeping quarter. If you have a family, it does not offer much privacy, but it serves as a great bachelor pad.

A convertible is an apartment unit that has a space large enough to be walled off. You can turn these areas into distinct living spaces that provide privacy and added comfort.

These houses are mostly prevalent in Metro Manila where a lot of commercial business hubs are located. However, if you are planning to buy a property, you have to consider your lifestyle, needs, budget, and long-term goals.

Among these houses, what do you think is the most beneficial? Share it with us in the comments section.

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