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Where to Find Art in Urdaneta Makati

Makati may be the home for many multinational corporations, a booming business district, even the Philippine Stock Exchange – but it also is a hub for artists and creatives.

In the lengthy underpasses of the city, beautifully painted murals greet the hordes of people – students, employees, even executives – that can be seen passing through at every time of day. Moreover, Art Fair Philippines, which is held at The Link Carpark annually, unites art galleries from all over the metro and internationally to come together for one of the biggest events for the visual art community in the country. Numerous theaters and auditoriums, a myriad of museums and galleries, and artist-run creative labs can be seen all around Makati, creating spaces for artists and art enthusiasts to come together in a space to let their talents flourish.

Tin-Aw Art Gallery is a venue for exhibition of contemporary works by Filipino and Asian artists, and it finds its home in Urdaneta, Makati. Launched in 2008, Tin-Aw Art Gallery is run by Dawn Atienza, the younger sister of award-winning Filipino artist Mark Justiniani and their cousin, Marya Salang.

The gallery, known for its oftentimes surprising and provocative exhibitions, was founded with the intention of being an accessible space for art to be enjoyed unhurriedly, in an environment that’s unintimidating. Rooted in the gallery’s vision is to bring the public certain works of art that provokes, surprises, and engages. The exhibitions they host throughout their jam-packed year are exhibitions that aren’t displayed merely for the aesthetic; instead, the pieces are meant to be challenged, queried, and discussed.

Tin-Aw Art Gallery is not just a setting for a variety of individual and group shows, but talks and lectures that inspire and engage the artist within everyone are also held from time to time. Residents of Urdaneta need not look far for an escape to fulfill their artistic cravings.

Tin-Aw Art Gallery is located at the Upper Ground Floor of the Somerset Olympia Building, Makati Avenue, Urdaneta, Makati City.

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