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X Architecture and Design Features Homebuyers Are Willing To Pay Extra

These architecture and home design features are almost always in every homebuyer’s non-negotiables.

Which architecture or home design feature from the list is a non-negotiable for you when looking for a property for sale?


Homebuyers looking for a house and lot, condominium, townhouse, or apartment for sale consider several factors before making that important real estate decision. These factors include location, its proximity to a workplace or school district, and sometimes, a property’s desirable architecture and design features. Most of the homebuyers arrive at a buying decision based on which property checks all of the factors, including architectural and design features that are non-negotiable. 


But for the rest whose ultimate goal is to buy and own their dream home, they will insist on settling for a future home that meets all factors, even if they need to cough up extra thousands of pesos. 


Here are x architecture and design features homebuyers are willing to pay extra for their future home:


1. A Balcony or Veranda

The pandemic has forced all of us to reassess our current homes, and whether it is time to move to a better one. It may mean a home with more square meter living space. Or it can be similar to your current home but with this desirable feature: a balcony or veranda.


A balcony is an elevated platform affixed to a room that is located on the upper floor of a building. Balconies are considered desirable in condominiums, townhouses, and homes in high-density locations (ex. city center) because they are well-designed to provide an outdoor living space experience. A well-placed balcony can allow enough natural sunlight and much-needed ventilation to the home. It also provides extra square footage that can be one of many possibilities to its homeowner too. For example, it can ge a green spot for the plantita or plantito at heart. It can also be an extension of the living room enough for children to play and get rowdy. It can also be a healing space for the working adults in the home to unwind and enjoy the city views over a nice cup of java.


A veranda, on the other hand, is a useful and equity-earning feature in a house and lot. A veranda, which is a covered structure located on the ground floor and is attached to two or more sides of a house and lot, is a great outdoor space to receive guests or incoming packages without putting the rest of the household inside at risk. If the veranda is attached to a private room like a bedroom or a home office, it can provide an intimate, comfortable resting place from the daily life of the home. A homeowner can convert it into a little garden, reading nook, or a place to just sit down and relax.


2. Open-Plan Living Space

Caption: An open plan home has so many benefits for the family.


Segmented spaces are a turnoff for almost all homebuyers, and culturally, it makes sense. Filipinos are big on family and gatherings, and a home is considered traditional if the kitchen, dining, and living room are divided by walls. For example, a mom who cooks in the kitchen may feel out of place if the rest of the family is holed up in a closed living room. A home following an open-plan living space encourages better use of space while ensuring that no one is alienated. Moreover, an open-plan home is designed in such a way that natural light is abundant.


3. Hardwood Floors

Homebuyers also considered hardwood floors as a “very important” feature when looking for a home. This is a significant shift from previous generations, where marble and tile where aesthetically attractive and cool to the feet, and uses carpets to decorate the floor. Homebuyers nowadays prefer hardwood floors not only because of the warmth the wood’s natural color brings to the entire room, the floors are also easy to clean. Also, hardwood floors are now designed with technology that will keep scratches, scuffs, and even dangerous mold and bacteria away.


4. Central air conditioning

Being that we are in a tropical country, air conditioning is now a standard, especially in homes that are located in high-density locations. Almost every homebuyer would want to buy a home with a furnished air conditioning system or a home that is already prepped and ready for the former’s air conditioning unit. A homebuyer will also take into consideration the placement of the air conditioning units, as the right location ensures that the energy consumption is minimal.


5. Granite countertops

Granite countertops are coveted among older homebuyers simply because of its appeal and elegance. And with a plethora of upgraded designs and technologies that will keep scratches, buffs, heat from cooking, and even bacteria away, homebuyers are seeking residential properties with kitchens that are equipped with granite countertops. Moreover, they are considerably more affordable than expensive alternatives such as quartz.


6. A walk-in closet

Storage is an important factor when buying a home. And for some who acquires and owns a lot of clothes, accessories, and other valuables, a walk-in closet is becoming an important consideration, especially among many accomplished homebuyers. A walk-in closet is a status symbol, and allows homebuyers to be more organized and careful about the things they own.


7. High ceiling

Caption: Homes with a high ceiling may be attractive, but home seekers need to make sure that it also comes with a complementary feature.


A home with a high ceiling certainly have their appeal, as it adds to the spaciousness and elegance of the living space. This feature is prevalent in condominiums and townhomes because it offers the illusion of expansive space despite the smaller square footage. 


However, a high ceiling is only a desirable element if the home is well-insulated. This means that the home should also have energy-efficient windows to keep the cool air from the home escaping, preventing the room from overheating and causing your electricity bill to increase.


8. Flexible spaces

Caption: As we relegate most of our daily life at home, it is important that the home has enough space to accommodate certain aspects of our lifestyle.


With an increase in home-based businesses and the desire to have a dedicated space for a playroom or a home gym, a flexible space is attractive to homebuyers who want to use it how they see fit for their lifestyle needs. 


An extra room or two wouldn’t hurt, especially for property seekers who are upgrading to a new home. For most of the folks who are working from home, a room where they can convert it to a home office is essential. A home office allows a person to focus on work without getting distracted from the daily life at home. It also allows working professionals to switch off after getting work done for the day. 


Imagine that this room can also be converted into a homeroom or study room. For kids who are also studying from home, a homeroom filled with school furniture and other essentials allows them to focus and get the tasks on hand, and have a dedicated space to play as well.  


9. A large yard

Most buyers love a house and lot unit with a large yard. And who wouldn’t? The possibilities of having a large yard are endless. As restrictions sometimes get stricter due to the pandemic, the chances of going somewhere to unwind is lower. But a home with a large yard? Now that’s something worth investing in. A large yard can be a place for kids (and pets) to play in or for the rest of the family to go camping in. A large yard can also be a place where hobbies such as swimming, football, basketball, or even gardening can happen. The curb appeal offered by a large yard is huge, and is a huge selling point should you decided to sell it in the future.


10. Resort or Spa-Like Community Amenities

A vacation is almost next to impossible during the pandemic. But if your home is located in a residential community, enclave, or a neighborhood with resort or spa-like amenities, you can definitely take a short vacation without needing to be far away from home.


As such, homebuyers will not hesitate paying extra for residential properties that comes with community access to a swimming pool, fitness gym, lounge area, spa, and even a community park. The proximity to these facilities allows homeowners to carry on their lifestyle even if they are confined within theboundaries of the community or residential enclave.

Are they worth it?

Buying a home, especially for the first time, is a major decision for anyone. When weighing the pros and cons of a property, it is important to determine which of the architecture and design features that are non-negotiables for you. This way, you will not have a difficult time determining which properties are the ones worth considering. Moreover, knowing what are the non-negotiables to you will ensure that you are not compromising your ideals for the sake of a lower contract price, even if it will take a while to find the right property. Most importantly, you need to make sure that the architecture and design features you decide as your non-negotiables should bring value to you. 


Check out this space for more real estate tips on choosing the right home for you.

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